Endorsements for ARIM

"I am truly excited about the ARIM initiative. Instead of just talking about the need to publish more replication studies in management, ARIM is a platform to make the work happen! Not only will management science benefit from these replication studies, but the collaborative approach to forming research teams will benefit the researchers. I look forward to seeing (many) completed replication studies, by research teams supported by ARIM, published in management journals (including JOMSR) to help provide legitimacy to management research and further our understanding of management theories."

Maria L. Kraimer

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Management Scientific Reports (2021-2025)

Past Editor-in-Chief, Personnel Psychology (2017-2019)

Donald S. Carmichael Professor of Organizational Behavior, University at Buffalo

"ARIM is positioned to be a driving force in the important movement supporting replication research in management studies. They are led by a great team (Andreas Schwab, Chris Castille, Billy Obenauer) whose commitment and knowledge of key issues will lead to ARIM success. High quality research methods are critical for replication science, and I look forward to collaborative efforts between ARIM and CARMA in providing supporting education events and programs. I encourage everyone to join and learn in the ARIM community."

Larry Williams

CARMA Founding Director, ORM Founding Editor

James C. & Marguerite J. Niver Chair in Business

Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University

Endorsements for ARIM

(in alphabetical order by last name)

"Advancement of Replications in Management aims to identify credible empirical claims worth building upon by fostering collaborations among leading scholars and the next generation of management researchers. It has the potential to make our science more robust and trustworthy."

George Banks

Professor in the Department of Management, University of North Carolina

Editor-in-Chief, The Leadership Quarterly

Chair, Board of Directors (2024-2025), Center of Open Science

"Replication is at the very heart of good (management) science. Without replication, much of what we do remains a single snapshot or individual, personal story rather than rigorous, cumulative science. I believe that ARIM will nudge the management community to a more robust, relevant, and trustworthy state of the field."

Roman Briker

Assistant Professor in Organizational Behavior, Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics

"In a field full of freshly reported new research findings it’s important to figure out what is worth building upon. The ARIM initiative can help do this while also adding value to the graduate training process."

Rick Guzzo

Workforce Sciences Institute

"Conducting replication research enables management scholars to make sense systematically the study results that have accumulated for theory testing. The sense making can be guided toward contributing a robust and reliable body of empirical work that can be recombined to study new settings and populations, which had not been imagined at the time of the original study. If management scholars also embrace an open data policy, it will be an amazing opportunity for a truly collective endeavor, as the research community not only shares data but also declares the structural features of the data so that pooling of the data would enable further theory testing."

Gwendolyn K. Lee

Chester C. Holloway Professor, Warrington College of Business, University of Florida

"As we point out (Levine et al. 2023 OrgSci), the generalizability of a finding is not established in a single study. Every empirical investigation is conducted in a specific setting, at a specific point in time, and among specific actors. Whether results from a given study can be extrapolated to other settings can only be determined through replication of results across different populations and contexts. Historically, replication has not been highly incentivized, but the replicability crisis in psychology and its spillovers to organizational scholarship have put replication at the top of the research agenda across the social sciences."

Sheen S. Levine

Otto Moensted Professor, Professor of Strategy and Innovation, DTU Copenhagen; University of Texas, Dallas; Columbia University in the City of New York

"ARIM is a timely initiative to add replication as a legitimate and indeed central part of the toolkit of research in management, and specifically of (future) faculty training. Replications require and develop deep skills of discernment and execution, while offering a proving ground for new scholars and those seeking to master and eventually extend a research direction. We at JOMSR not only warmly endorse the ARIM initiative but welcome submissions resulting from it, as we believe that other journals will."

Xavier Martin

Professor of Strategy, International Business and Innovation at Tilburg University 

Senior Associate Editor of the Journal of the Management Scientific Reports

"Advancement of Replications in Management represents a creative and important response to one of the most important problems in the social, behavioral and managerial sciences, the replicability of empirical findings. I believe that this initiative has potential to contribute to the professional development of management scholars and to the field of Management."

Kevin R. Murphy

Professor Emeritus, University of Limerick