Study 3 Replication Plan

Industry Cluster Dynamics Study

Replication Plan

Each student team will conduct an exact replication and at least one of the below proposed constructive replications. All teams will jointly analyze and publish overall findings.

Original Study

Kim, M. J., Shaver, J. M., & Funk, R. J. (2022). From mass to motion: Conceptualizing and measuring the dynamics of industry clusters. Strategic Management Journal, 43(4), 822-846. 

Original Study Research Question and Findings

Industry clusters are geographic concentrations of firms from a specific industry. Kim, Shaver, and Funk (2022) introduced and validated a measure of Cluster motion, which captures the change in the level of concentration of firms in a specific region over time. They validated this measure for two industries, the computer and the semiconductor industry using US Census data. Descriptive results suggested that regions rarely followed stylized descriptions of cluster life cycles, and instead, the authors identified five different concentration change patterns over time. 


Industry categorization and geographic location information for all business establishments in the semiconductor and the computer industries based on publicly available U.S. Census data for 1974–2016.

Design and Analyses

The three-step process to estimate changes in regional industry concentration levels (Cmotion):

Figure 1. Dynamic Concentration Pattern


Exact / Literal Replication

Constructive Methods-Focused Replications

Constructive Generalizability-Focused Replications

Figure 2. Reported Industry Cluster Change Patterns.

Constructive Theory Extension Study